Culinary delights and atmosphere

in the restaurant

of the Hotel Hell

Our guests, who look for a good restaurant do not have to leave the hotel. All they need to do is to enter our cozy dining rooms at noon or in the evening. Wooden furniture and the traditional wood carvings of Val Gardena create a unique atmosphere here while our restaurant chef serves you culinary delights.

Our menu is based on homemade but light, balanced and healthy dishes.We pay particular attention to the selection of high quality ingredients and draw inspiration from local as well as Italian cuisine. At least once a week, we dedicate an entire evening to the South Tyrolean cuisine so that you can not only experience this region but also taste it.

All dishes are served in our two dining rooms and we try to offer to each guest the right atmosphere. To those of you looking for peaceful and quiet ambience, we recommend the smaller dining room. If you are looking for a more spacious room – having your children with you – than you might prefer the larger dining room.

In this way we are sure to help you to enjoy every meal at the Hotel Hell.

Come and try

our South Tyrolean dishes.